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THE HOME CHANNEL  |  Country Chic Table Setting 
THE HOME CHANNEL  |  Floral Inspired Table Setting 
F A S H I O N   F I L M  |  B r u n e l l o   C u c i n e l l i 
PORCELAIN  |  Earth & Stone 
ICE CREAM  |  The Creamery 
EVENT  |  Celebrate Constantia 
ELLE DECORATION  |  Behind-the-Scenes 1 
ELLE DECORATION  |  Behind-the-Scenes 2
ELLE DECORATION  |  Breville Video 1 
FASHION FILM  |  Emme Jeans and Burgundy Collective
FASHION FILM  |  Emme Jeans and Burgundy Collective 
FASHION FILM  |  Emme Jeans and Burgundy Collective
FASHION FILM  |  Emme Jeans and Burgundy Collective 
FASHION FILM  |  Emme Jeans 2015 Digital Advert Launch
COLLABORATION  |  Emme Jeans & Truth Coffee 
COLLABORATION  |  Emme Jeans & Eben Photography
FASHION FILM  |  Emme Jeans Digital Advert 
COLLABORATION  |  Emme Jeans & Cubano Skateboards
COLLABORATION  |  Emme Jeans & Eben Photography 

Matanna's service offering focuses on:

  • Social media consultancy sessions.

  • Lifestyle photography content creation for social media, websites, digital and print.

  • Styling services for food, props, fashion, interior and floral design.

E-mail Matanna to book a consultation or to receive a tailored quote:

ELLE DECORATION  |  Breville Video 2
FASHION FILM  |  Burgundy Collective 
FASHION FILM  |  Tokyo James Video 2 
FASHION FILM  |  Tokyo James Video 1 
FASHION FILM  |  Tokyo James Video 3 
SCENT  |  Tapputi & the Sea 
THE EXPRESSO SHOW  |  Zola Nene Cookbook Launch 
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