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Our co-founders Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn teamed up with Alexis Chaffe Mey from

Mayhem Content Creators to collaborate with London based Fashion Designer Tokyo James. Tokyo released a new range called "End Times : Son of God" for his Fall/

Winter 2017 collection which we filmed and created 3 short fashion videos to be utilised on all of our social media platforms to showcase his latest work.

The range was inspired by war, crisis and the current political state of the world as a form of visual protest. We filmed in two abandoned rundown warehouses to capture a raw, real and harsh visual dilapidation aesthetic.


The Art Direction was by Matanna, the videography was by Liese, Fashion Direction was by Alexis, make-up and grooming was by Tyler Williams, and the models featured in these videos were David Smaruji, Joshua Gabriel Boulton, and Kingsley Obunemem James.

You can see more of Tokyo James's work here:

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