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T a p p u t i   &   t h e   S e a

S c e n t    /   O b j e c t   /   S e n s e s

Our co-founder Matanna Katz attended the 22nd annual Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.  While there were many inspiring speakers and presentations, an Industrial Designer Kaja Dahl who takes an interest in tactile design on a broad spectrum released a project that really resonated with her; "Tapputi & the Sea".

Kaja is involved with working on the world of provocative perfumes.  She has created a tailor-made object for a signature scent with bespoke gestures of Cape Town in collaboration with House of Gozdawa.  It is displayed in a hand blown glass bottle with an organic sea sponge lid to apply the scent onto your skin for it to be naturally absorbed.

Matanna loved how the perfume's aesthetic emulated nature in an organic manner. Feeling inspired she reached out to Kaja, and once they met a collaboration was agreed upon for Ethereal Bound Journal to create their own visual story on Kaja's beautiful product. 

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