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S u m m a h

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Our co-founders Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn teamed up with Laura Jayne from "Jayne Brand Atelier" to create new visual digital content and a catalogue for Kirst Gordon, the founder of "Summah".

Summah is a father and daughter owned small business based in Cape Town.  They import luxury 100% grade cotton Turkish towels from Istanbul.  What makes these towels extra special is their versatility as they can be used for the beach on a hot Summer's day, or as an interior decorative throw that can keep you warm from Winter's chill.  They can also be used to wrap around you as a stylish wardrobe staple which we have excitedly incorporated into our own wardrobes.


We really believe in supporting other young entrepreneurs and local businesses, and "Summah" is a brand we really felt we could relate to.

Together we formed not only a dedicated, passionate and professional team, but we also developed new friendships which we hold close to our hearts.  There is something very special about finding other like-minded creative souls to share your hopes and dreams with.  

We created content that was authentic with a minimal design aesthetic, including many elements from nature to correlate with the beautiful natural cotton used to make the Turkish towels.

You can order these Turkish towels online off Summah's website or you can find them in selected stores in Cape Town, South Africa.

Towel 31 low res
Flatlay 1 low res
Bathroom 13 low res
Bathroom 12 low res
Bathroom 6 low res
Bathroom 3 low res
Bathroom 4 low res
Flatlay 6 low res
Flatlay 19 low res
Summah Product Shot 1 low res
Flatlay 8 low res
Figs 1 low res
Figs 2 low res
Flaylay 4 low res
Towel 22 low res
Home 2 low res
Bathroom 7 low res
Towel 51 low res
Towel 41 low res
Flat lay 1 low res
Flat lay with sponges 2 low res
Flat lay 4 low res
Brush 2 low res
Towel 21 low res
Sponges 1 low res
Sponges 5 low res
Flatlay 2 low res
Towel 12 low res
Tooth brush flat lay4 low res
Tooth brush flat lay1 low res
Home 1 low res
Towel 81 low res
Flatlay 15 low res
Seaweed 2 low res
Mens Kit 5 low res
Mens Kit 7 low res
Flatlay 18 low res
Brushing pumpkin low res
Flatlay 10 low res
Flatlay 11 low res
Towel 11 low res
Flatlay 12 low res
Grinding salt low res
Flat lay 2 low res
Flatlay 14 low res
Flatlay 7 low res
Bathroom 1 low res
Flatlay 17 low res
Summah Product Shot 2 low res
Towel 61 low res
Bathroom 9 low res
Towel 71 low res
Behind the scenes shoot 2 no 2 low res
Flatlay 16 low res
Leaf 2 low res
Home 3 low res
Mens Kit 4 low res
Leaf 1 low res
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