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E T H E R E A L   B O U N D   J O U R N A L
E T H E R E A L   B O U N D   J O U R N A L

Ethereal Bound Journal is a collaborative venture of two creative souls;

Matanna Katz and Liese Kuhn, in the pursuit of visual storytelling in savouring life's unadorned pleasures.

We specialise in creating ethereal, high quality digital content for a variety of businesses and brand's social media platforms.


Our services provide art direction, photography, food/prop/floral styling, video content, cinematography, graphic design and creative consultancy.


We reside primarily in Cape Town, South Africa, but we are open to traveling locally and internationally on selected projects.


We are currently developing a stone tableware range and a variety of slow living inspired curated authentic South African nature and photographic workshops for 2017.  


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