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E l l e   D e c o r a t i o n

m a g a z i n e

It was a day filled with team work,

laughter and fulfillment as we created 

a visual feast that we hope will be

relished and enjoyed.

We are also so proud for one of our

visuals to have made the front cover

of the magazine:

P r o d u c e    /   O r g a n i c   /   R e c i p e s

We worked with the jubilant and gorgeous Claire Winstanley from "Good Looking and Cooking", to create a cruciferous

vegetable inspired piece for Elle Décor

South Africa's annual "Wine and Dine

Special" magazine.


Our co-founder Matanna Katz curated the prop and cruciferous produce styling,

Claire Winstanley styled and developed 

the recipes, our co-founder Liese Kuhn photographed and filmed the "behind-the-scenes" and the Breville videos, and Claire Gunn photographed the cruciferous vegetable story.

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