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E a r t h   &   S t o n e

P o r c e l a i n   /   C l a y   /   S c u l p t

Our co-founder Matanna Katz has a profound appreciation for working with porcelain in clay form and it's seashell translucent beauty.


Porcelain, also referred to as "The Queen of Clay" by one of her mentors Tania Babb, is the purest and finest textured clay found on earth.

She has treasure hunted through many antique stores and markets with a fine-tooth comb in search of porcelain figurines, vases and crockery to adorn

her abode.

It has served as inspiration for her to 

transcend into her own journey to explore the nature of this raw medium, and sculpt it into it's fired impermeable non-porous state.

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