a b o d e

(Top - Zara, necklace and skirt - Country Road. Paint colour - Plascon 30 BB10/019, DCS 4, Luxurious Silk B9 20 L. Photographs taken by Denzil Jacobs.)

In my little apartment in Gardens, I get the most charming light. The sunshine streams in and immerses everything with warmth. My walls are a moody charcoal grey, which parades a large linen table cloth, imprinted with a photograph of lush vegetables from Babylonstoren.

I often find myself gazing at this artistry, utterly lost in thought. It crossed my mind; This is so beautfiul it deserves to be photographed.

My first Professional photographs were taken with this in mind. I would feature this scenery and let it be my source of inspiration.

It brings me such joy to finally share these images, and launch my website.

(Top and shoes - Zara, necklace - Purr, pants - Studio W from Woolworths.)

(Top - Zara.)